PropSwap Picks of the Week

PropSwap Picks of the Week

This article is part of our PropSwap Picks of the Week series.

Have you ever made a bet at a sportsbook that you later regretted? Did the money line change on you?  Or conversely, did you bet on a future that suddenly had a great chance at hitting? If so, a secondary marketplace to sell your ticket is available to you!  PropSwap posts your tickets and makes them available via a straight sale or a bidding process. Think of PropSwap as an eBay for sports tickets. Like an item on eBay, you place the ticket on PropSwap, and then people can buy and/or bid on your action.  And, yes, that's right - you can also buy action on the site as well!

The purpose of our weekly article is to take a look at what's available on PropSwap this week and give advice on our best buys. Before you buy anything on PropSwap, be sure to read the fine print. The betting slip will be sent you via certified mail, so if your ticket wins, you need to be near a licensed sportsbook to cash it in. Although deadlines to cash vary, most sportsbooks' typical expiration date is six months or 180 days from the initial purchase date.

Although we've got a lot of decent futures bets coming out of the NFL this week, I'm not as thrilled with what the MLB has to offer.  I endorsed the Yankees World Series futures last week, and the market for baseball looks about the same as it did seven days ago. The same is true for college football.  I had hoped to see a little more from the Big 10, but I expect we'll see some tickets for the Pac-12 next week.


Buffalo Bills TO WIN 2021 NFL Championship $147.00

Odds: 6.09:1 TO WIN $1,041.75

Going into Week 3, Josh Allen leads the league in almost every QB stat imaginable. The AFC East is wide open this season with the departure of Tom Brady, and you have to take the Bills as one of the top three teams in the conference and the current clear favorite in their division.  They'd have to get past the Ravens and Chiefs to make it into the championship, but right now, they have all the tools available to make a run.

LA Rams TO WIN 2021 NFL Championship $65.00

Odds 22.54:1 TO WIN $1,530.00

Say what you will about the Rams and their disappointing 2019 campaign - Jared Goff and company seemed to have turned a corner offensively. Although their running game is just beginning to coalesce, Goff is playing some of the best ball of his career. OC Kevin O'Connell's scheme brings some much-needed life to this offense in his first year with the team, With the 49ers battling the injury bug, someone will attempt to take the reins, and while Seattle is the presumptive favorite to win the division now, I wouldn't count the Rams out.


Miami Heat TO WIN 2020 NBA Championship $1,650.00

Odds 2.15:1 TO WIN $5,200.00

The writing is on the wall for the Celtics, who were unable to hold down Jimmy Butler, Tyler Herro, and the Heat. Their imminent addition to the Finals is the biggest surprise to come out of the bubble, with their domination of the Bucks coming a close second. The Lakers went 2-0 against Miami this season, but the most recent tangle was a 113-110 nail biter. This series will come down to how effective Bam Adebayo can be opposite Anthony Davis. You won't find better odds than this bet right now.


You've got to love the Masters props!  The PGA has been my bread-and-butter in DFS this season and I've already made some of my own picks for Augusta.  Luckily, some of them headline the tickets available this week. They include:

Matthew Wolff $200.00  49.02:1 TO WIN $10,073.75

Dustin Johnson $200.00 9.03:1 TO WIN $2,006.00

Collin Morikawa $550.00 8.09:1 TO WIN $5,000.00

Jeff Edgerton
Jeff has provided sports content for numerous sports outlets and has played fantasy sports since scores had to be tabulated via newspaper. He started working with RotoWire in 2017. Originally from South Carolina, he's a lifelong Clemson fan now enjoying the sun in Los Angeles.