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SXM Highlights: Blake Snell's Valuation
2 days ago
Predicting how Blake Snell will perform in 2020 is easier said than done.
SXM Highlights: Where Does Juan Soto Go in 2020 Drafts?
3 days ago
Expect the Nationals star to be in high demand during drafts this year.
SXM Highlights: Assessing Clayton Kershaw
8 days ago
Is Clayton Kershaw still an ace in 2020?
SXM Highlights: How Deep Is the 2020 Closer Pool?
9 days ago
Jeff and Liss debate the depth at Closer for the 2020 season.
SXM Highlights: How will Fernando Tatis Jr. fare in 2020?
10 days ago
Expect big performances from the Padre's young player next season.
Is Bryce Harper Past His Best?
15 days ago
Bryce Harper turns 28 next October, and many are wondering: Is he now declining after hitting his peak?
SXM Highlights: What To Expect From Craig Kimbrel
202 days ago
Jeff Erickson and Todd Zola advise fantasy baseball players on what to expect from new Cubs closer Craig Kimbrel.
SXM Highlights: What's Wrong With Blake Snell?
205 days ago
Jeff Erickson and James Anderson try to figure out why Blake Snell is struggling this season.
SXM Highlights: Is It Time To Cut Tyler Glasnow?
206 days ago
Tyler Glasnow was just shut down for three weeks, with an "at best" August return. Is it time to cut him?
SXM Highlights: How Much FAAB Should You Bid On Zac Gallen?
210 days ago
Clay and James discuss Zac Gallen's situation with the Marlins and how much you should spend in FAAB to add him to your roster.
SXM Highlights: What's Wrong With Aaron Nola?
214 days ago
Liss and Jeff discuss possible reasons for Aaron Nola's inconsistencies this season.
SXM Highlights: Should You Stash Jorge Mateo?
214 days ago
Clay and James debater whether or not you should stash Oakland A's Triple AAA star Jorge Mateo, who's playing well in Las Vegas.
SXM Highlights: Don't Give Up On Your Fantasy Baseball Team
218 days ago
Don't give up on your fantasy baseball team! Liss and Jeff give you reasons for hope.
SXM Highlights: Miggy Frustrations
226 days ago
Liss vents to Jeff over the lack of information regarding Miguel Cabrera's recent injury news.
SXM Highlights: Expectations for Assumed #1 Pick Adley Rutschman
231 days ago
Clay and James discuss expectations for the consensus top pick in the 2019 MLB Draft, catcher Adley Rutschman.
SXM Highlights: Don't Be Afraid to Cut Players
233 days ago
Jeff and Liss discuss the need to cut players in order to actually win. Liss dives into his Jason Kipnis or Orlando Arcia decision.
SXM Highlights: How To Leverage Your Bench
234 days ago
Liss and Jeff dive into how to be active in the FAAB market so as to best leverage your bench spots.
SXM Highlights: Will The Rays Call Up Brendan McKay This Season?
238 days ago
James explains to Clay why he believes Brendan McKay will see valuable action at the major league level this season.
SXM Highlights: Liss Vents About Unpredictable Play from Marginal Players
239 days ago
Liss vents to Jeff about unpredictable play from marginal players like Michael Wacha and Sonny Gray.
SXM Highlights: What's Sonny Gray's ROS Value?
240 days ago
After an interesting outing yesterday, what is Sonny Gray's rest-of-season value? Liss and Jeff discuss.
SXM Highlights: What Has Gotten Into Jake Odorizzi?
241 days ago
Liss can't understand why Jake Odorizzi is pitching so well and is suspect about him keeping it up. Jeff is a bit more optimistic.
SXM Highlights: Willie Calhoun's 2019 Value?
245 days ago
James Anderson and Clay Link debate the 2019 fantasy value for Willie Calhoun, now that the Rangers recently called him up.
SXM Highlights: What Is Austin Riley's Big League Fantasy Value?
246 days ago
Liss & Jeff debate what to expect from Austin Riley in 2019. The 22-year-old Atlanta Brave went deep Wednesday night during his MLB debut.
SXM Highlights: Josh Bell Is Breaking Out
249 days ago
Liss and Jeff admit that the Pirates' Josh Bell is breaking out, contrary to their banter earlier in the season.
SXM Highlights: What's Wrong With Ender Inciarte?
252 days ago
James and Clay are alarmed by Ender Inciarte suddenly slowing down. The average is taking a surprising dip.
SXM Highlights: Will Miguel Cabrera Find His Power?
253 days ago
Liss and Jeff discuss Miguel Cabrera's lack of home runs this season and if that will change going forward.
SXM Highlights: How Is Melky Doing So Well?
253 days ago
Jeff and Liss discuss Melky Cabrera's hot start to the 2019 season.
SXM Highlights: Can Domingo German Keep This Up?
256 days ago
Paul Sporer joins Liss and Jeff to discuss Domingo German's hot start. Can he keep it up?
SXM Highlights: Time To Stash Cavan Biggio?
259 days ago
Clay and James discuss Blue Jays' prospect Cavan Biggio. Is it time to stash him?
SXM Highlights: Bellinger Is Off The Charts
260 days ago
Liss and Jeff try to put Cody Bellinger's hot start in perspective. He's off the charts.