Hidden Stat Line: NFL Week 13 Recap

Hidden Stat Line: NFL Week 13 Recap

This article is part of our Hidden Stat Line series.

Here's a list of highlights to look out for in the game recaps below:

  1. Anthony Miller, target hog.
  2. Buffalo thriving with the help of a no-huddle offense.
  3. A.J. Brown getting more snaps but still stuck in a low-volume passing game.
  4. Jordan Wilkins usurps Jonathan Williams.
  5. Jack Doyle with season highs across the board sans Ebron.
  6. James Washington with sneaky volume to back up his big plays.
  7. Raheem Mostert leaves Tevin Coleman in the dust.
  8. Back to the bench for RoJo.
  9. The workhorse role finally pays off for Miles Sanders.
  10. Patrick Laird szn?
  11. Derrius Guice pops off without much volume.
  12. Kenyan Drake leading, DJ marginalized, Chase Edmonds buried.
  13. Shady or Darwin?
  14. Duke Johnson overtaking Carlos Hyde?
  15. Chris Carson and Rashaad Penny split the pie in half.

Week 13 QB Leaders

(stats from NFL Next Gen Stats and ESPN)

 Pass AttemptsDeepest aDOTShallowest aDOTTotal QBR (opp. adjusted)
1Matt Ryan (50)Baker Mayfield (11.1)Gardner Minshew (4.1)Deshaun Watson (88.4)
2Dak Prescott (49)Devlin Hodges (10.9)Jared Goff (4.8)Aaron Rodgers (84.8)
3Sam Darnold (48)Jameis Winston (10.4)Kyler Murray (5.6)Ryan Fitzpatrick (82.3)
4Tom Brady (47)Tom Brady (10.4)Drew Brees (5.7)Josh Allen (82.2)
5Carson Wentz (46)Carson Wentz (9.9)Derek Carr (6.4)Jared Goff (78.5)
6Kyle Allen (46)Kyle Allen (9.6)Matt Ryan (7.1)Carson Wentz (76.5)
7Jared Goff (43)Sam Darnold (9.4)Daniel Jones (7.2)Lamar Jackson (74.2)
8Jacoby Brissett (40)David Blough (8.9)Drew Lock (7.2)Jimmy Garoppolo (72.6)
9Ryan Fitzpatrick (39)Ryan Fitzpatrick (8.8)Jimmy Garoppolo (7.3)Jameis Winston (71.9)
10Blough, Cousins, Trubisky (38)Mitchell Trubisky (8.7)Ryan Tannehill (7.4)Patrick Mahomes (69.8)

2019 QB Leaders

(stats from NFL Next Gen Stats and ESPN)

 Pass Attempts per GameDeepest aDOTShallowest aDOTTotal QBR (opp. adjusted)
1Andy Dalton (41.7)Matthew Stafford (10.7)Teddy Bridgewater (6.2)Lamar Jackson (81.6)
2Matt Ryan (40.6)Jameis Winston (10.3)Derek Carr (6.4)Patrick Mahomes (76.6)
3Tom Brady (40.5)Russell Wilson (9.5)Drew Brees (6.5)Dak Prescott (72.9)
4Jameis Winston (38.9)Dak Prescott (9.4)Jimmy Garoppolo (6.6)Russell Wilson (72.1)
5Jared Goff (37.8)Patrick Mahomes (9.2)Kyler Murray (6.9)Deshaun Watson (71.9)
6Dak Prescott (37.3)Ryan Fitzpatrick (9.0)Case Keenum (7.0)Matthew Stafford (68.5)
7Philip Rivers (37.1)Ryan Tannehill (9.0)Jacoby Brissett (7.3)Carson Wentz (64.3)
8Kyle Allen (36.6)Josh Allen (9.0)Marcus Mariota (7.4)Ryan Fitzpatrick (64.1)
9Matthew Stafford (36.4)Philip Rivers (8.9)Tom Brady (7.7)Drew Brees (61.0)
10Carson Wentz (36.2)Lamar Jackson (8.9)Andy Dalton (7.7)Kirk Cousins (60.5)

Note: five-game minimum to qualify, excludes players on IR

Week 13 RB Leaders

(stats from RotoWire, PFF and airyards.com)

 Snap ShareTarget ShareRoutesAvoided Tackles
1Christian McCaffrey (99%)Christian McCaffrey (28%)Christian McCaffrey (51)Kareem Hunt (9)
2Saquon Barkley (96%)Leonard Fournette (27%)Le'Veon Bell (41)Ezekiel Elliott (6)
3Leonard Fournette (89%)Alvin Kamara (26%)Ezekiel Elliott (40)Raheem Mostert (6)
4Ezekiel Elliott (88%)James White (23%)James White (40)Leonard Fournette (6)
5Miles Sanders (87%)Duke Johnson (23%)Miles Sanders (38)Devonta Freeman (5)
6Le'Veon Bell (85%)Ezekiel Elliott (20%)Leonard Fournette (36)Rashaad Penny (5)
7Alvin Kamara (82%)Saquon Barkley (19%)Saquon Barkley (29)Joe Mixon (5)
8Kenyan Drake (80%)Aaron Jones (18%)Devin Singletary (28)Josh Jacobs, Benny Snell (4)
9Joe Mixon (79%)Austin Ekeler (17%)Kareem Hunt (27)Phillip Lindsay, Chris Carson (4)
10James White (78%)Rashaad Penny (16%)Tarik Cohen (27)Four others (4)

2019 RB Leaders

(stats from RotoWire, PFF and airyards.com)

 Snap ShareTarget ShareRoutesPFF Elusive Rating
1Christian McCaffrey (94%)Christian McCaffrey (21%)Christian McCaffrey (403)Josh Jacobs (103.3)
2Leonard Fournette (88%)Alvin Kamara (21%)Leonard Fournette (389)Chris Carson (88.3)
3Ezekiel Elliott (83%)Austin Ekeler (18%)Ezekiel Elliott (348)Alvin Kamara (85.1)
4Le'Veon Bell (83%)Leonard Fournette (18%)Le'Veon Bell (330)Derrick Henry (84.1)
5Chris Carson (71%)Kareem Hunt (18%)Austin Ekeler (272)Raheem Mostert (80.9)
6Dalvin Cook (71%)Le'Veon Bell (17%)Todd Gurley (264)Nick Chubb (79.4)
7Nick Chubb (71%)James White (17%)Saquon Barkley (264)Devin Singletary (68.8)
8Todd Gurley (68%)Tarik Cohen (17%)Alvin Kamara (263)Dalvin Cook (67.8)
9Derrick Henry (63%)Chris Thompson (17%)Tarik Cohen (260)Latavius Murray (67.5)
10Saquon Barkley (61%)Kenyan Drake (17%)James White (260)Damien Williams (66.6)

Note: Target share only includes games the player played in. Excludes players on IR. Minimum of four games played with current team to qualify. Elusive rating only includes qualified rushers (75+ carries).

Week 13 WR Leaders

(Stats from airyards.com and PFF)

 TargetsTarget ShareAir YardsRoutes
1Robert Woods (19)Robert Woods (42%)Alshon Jeffery (267)Calvin Ridley (59)
2Alshon Jeffery (16)Alshon Jeffery (35%)DeVante Parker (176)Christian Blake (56)
3Anthony Miller (13)Anthony Miller (34%)Robby Anderson (173)D.J. Moore (55)
4Allen Robinson (12)Mike Evans (33%)Mike Evans (170)Curtis Samuel (53)
5Julian Edelman (12)Allen Robinson (32%)Julian Edelman (167)Randall Cobb (52)
6D.J. Moore (12)Jarvis Landry (32%)D.J. Moore (149)Michael Gallup (52)
7Amari Cooper (11)DeAndre Hopkins (31%)Jarvis Landry (146)Jamison Crowder (51)
8Jarvis Landry (11)Davante Adams (30%)Mike Williams (142)Robby Anderson (50)
9Mike Evans (11)Emmanuel Sanders (29%)Kenny Golladay (141)Julian Edelman (50)
10DeVante Parker (10)Cole Beasley (28%)Anthony Miller (140)Russell Gage (48)
11Davante Adams (10)Tyreek Hill (28%)Odell Beckham (132)Amari Cooper (47)
12Zach Pascal (10)Tyler Boyd (27%)Zach Pascal (127)D.J. Chark (45)
13Calvin Ridley (10)Julian Edelman (26%)Allen Robinson (125)Nelson Agholor (44)
14Robby Anderson (10)D.J. Moore (26%)Phillip Dorsett (124)Alshon Jeffery (44)
15Tyler Boyd (10)Michael Thomas (26%)Curtis Samuel (117)Three players (43)

Note: Data for routes doesn't include Week 12 MNF

2019 WR Leaders

(Stats from airyards.com and PFF)

 TargetsTarget ShareAir YardsRoutes
1Michael Thomas (132)DeAndre Hopkins (31%)Mike Evans (1,767)Chris Godwin (512)
2Julian Edelman (124)Michael Thomas (30%)Kenny Golladay (1,351)Mike Evans (491)
3DeAndre Hopkins (120)Davante Adams (28%)John Brown (1,342)Julian Edelman (490)
4Mike Evans (116)Jarvis Landry (26%)Julio Jones (1,313)Calvin Ridley (488)
5D.J. Moore (115)Alshon Jeffery (26%)Odell Beckham (1,272)Tyler Boyd (484)
6Keenan Allen (113)Mike Evans (25%)Curtis Samuel (1,269)D.J. Moore (482)
7Tyler Boyd (113)Julian Edelman (25%)DeVante Parker (1,268)Curtis Samuel (481)
8Cooper Kupp (110)D.J. Moore (25%)DeAndre Hopkins (1,250)D.J. Chark (478)
9Jarvis Landry (108)Keenan Allen (25%)Keenan Allen (1,241)DeVante Parker (475)
10Allen Robinson (108)Allen Robinson (25%)D.J. Moore (1,225)Marvin Jones (464)
11Chris Godwin (103)Odell Beckham (25%)Mike Williams (1,214)Michael Thomas (459)
12Odell Beckham (103)T.Y. Hilton (25%)Julian Edelman (1,207)Allen Robinson (456)
13Julio Jones (101)Cooper Kupp (24%)D.J. Chark (1,193)Kenny Golladay (455)
14Robert Woods (99)Courtland Sutton (24%)Calvin Ridley (1,182)Keenan Allen (450)
15D.J. Chark (96)John Brown (24%)Courtland Sutton (1,151)DeAndre Hopkins (450)

Note: target share and air-yard share only include games the player played in. Excludes players on IR. Minimum of four games played to qualify. 

Week 13 TE Leaders

(Stats from airyards.com and PFF)

 TargetsTarget ShareAir YardsRoutes
1Jack Doyle (11)Travis Kelce (31%)Travis Kelce (120)Ryan Griffin (41)
2T.J. Hockenson (11)Darren Waller (30%)Mark Andrews (91)Jack Doyle (39)
3Darren Waller (9)T.J. Hockenson (29%)Jack Doyle (82)Zach Ertz (38)
4Travis Kelce (9)Jack Doyle (28%)Darren Waller (82)Jaeden Graham (37)
5Tyler Higbee (8)Mark Andrews (26%)Mike Gesicki (81)Jason Witten (36)
6Jason Witten (8)Kaden Smith (22%)Kaden Smith (80)Mike Gesicki (35)
7Kaden Smith (8)Jared Cook (19%)Kyle Rudolph (70)Irv Smith Jr. (32)
8Mike Gesicki (7)George Kittle (19%)T.J. Hockenson (68)Kyle Rudolph (32)
9Dallas Goedert (7)Tyler Higbee (18%)Jared Cook (67)Tyler Higbee (31)
10Ryan Griffin (7)Mike Gesicki (18%)Jeremy Sprinkle (55)K. Smith, Waller, Hollister (30)

2019 TE Leaders

(Stats from airyards.com and PFF)

 TargetsTarget ShareAir YardsRoutes
1Zach Ertz (106)George Kittle (25%)Travis Kelce (959)Zach Ertz (419)
2Travis Kelce (100)Zach Ertz (24%)Zach Ertz (885)Travis Kelce (416)
3Darren Waller (87)Travis Kelce (23%)Mark Andrews (804)Greg Olsen (405)
4Mark Andrews (79)Darren Waller (23%)Greg Olsen (633)Mike Gesicki (362)
5Greg Olsen (71)Mark Andrews (23%)Darren Waller (625)Jason Witten (347)
6Evan Engram (68)Evan Engram (22%)Hunter Henry (589)Darren Waller (339)
7Austin Hooper (67)Hunter Henry (20%)Mike Gesicki (549)Austin Hooper (332)
8George Kittle (67)Austin Hooper (18%)George Kittle (499)Vance McDonald (315)
9Jason Witten (64)Greg Olsen (16%)Jared Cook (495)Noah Fant (301)
10Gerald Everett, Hockenson (59)Jared Cook (15%)Eric Ebron (495)Jimmy Graham (299)

Note: Target share and air-yard share only include games the player played in. Excludes players on IR. Minimum of four games played to qualify. 

I'm happy to discuss anything I missed in the comments below or on Twitter (@RotowireNFL_JD).

Bears 24 Lions 20


  • Mitchell Trubisky had season highs for PFF grade (87.4), QBR (63.7) and YPA (8.9). Six of his nine TD passes this season have come in games against the Lions.
  • David Montgomery played 62% of snaps, taking 16 carries for 75 yards while catching both of his targets for 12 yards and his first career receiving touchdown. He has four consecutive games in the range of 15-to-18 touches.
  • Tarik Cohen played 55% of snaps, his fourth straight week in the 52-to-59% range. However, his production hit a four-week low: 3-9-0 on the ground and 4-26-0 on four targets.
  • With Taylor Gabriel (concussion) inactive, Anthony Miller matched a season high with 86% snap share. He also had career highs for catches (nine), targets (13) and yards (140), marking his third consecutive game with at least six receptions, nine targets and 54 yards.
  • Allen Robinson put up 8-86-1 on 12 targets and 92% of snaps. He's on pace for 95-1,133-7 on 144 targets, catching 65.7% of his targets for 7.9 YPT in an offense that has completed 64.7% of its passes for 6.2 YPA.
  • Each of the Bears' top three WRs (Robinson, Miller, Gabriel) has caught at least 60% of his targets for 7.4 YPA or better. Passes to Cohen (4.1 YPT), Montgomery (5.4 YPT) and Trey Burton (3.5 YPT, IR-groin), have been a huge source of inefficiency.
  • Javon Wims filled in for Gabriel with 89% of snaps, catching five of six targets for 56 yards.
  • J.P. Holtz led the TEs with 45% of snaps, just a tick ahead of No. 4 WR Cordarrelle Patterson (42%). TE Jesper Horsted had an 18-yard TD catch but only played 11% of snaps, and blocking specialist Bradley Sowell took just 12%. Translation: the Bears often used a second RB or a fourth WR instead of a TE.
  • Miller led the team with 42 routes, followed by Robinson (40), Wims (37), Cohen (27) and Montgomery (20), per PFF.


  • David Blough fell off after a fast start, but he did finish with respectable marks for both PFF grade (71.0) and QBR (53.4). A trio of drops didn't help, with Marvin Jones contributing two and Danny Amendola committing one.
  • Bo Scarbrough played 47% of snaps and took 21 carries for 83 yards. That makes three straight games with at least 14 carries, 55 rushing yards and 47% snap share, but he's drawn just one target (an incompletion) in that span.
  • Ty Johnson had three carries, three targets and 29 yards on 33% of snaps, with J.D. McKissic adding two carries, three targets and 24 yards on 22%. No change there.
  • A 4-158-1 receiving line on five targets pushed Kenny Golladay up to 11.2 YPT and 20.2 YPR for the season, ranking fifth and second, respectively, among qualified pass catchers. However, he's averaging just 5.8 targets per game without Matthew Stafford (back).
  • Marvin Jones is averaging 7.0 targets without Stafford, somehow scoring three TDs in four games. His 3-40-1 receiving line Thursday came on six targets, including the two drops.
  • Danny Amendola drew eight targets on 75% of snaps, but he hasn't reached 50 receiving yards since Week 8. His averages without Stafford: 3.5 catches for 32.3 yards on 6.0 targets.
  • T.J. Hockenson drew a career-high 11 targets and matched his personal best of six catches from Week 1, but he had just 18 yards before leaving the game late with a leg/ankle injury.

Bills 26 Cowboys 15


  • Josh Allen tied a season high by taking four sacks, but he otherwise was close to flawless, completing 19 of 24 passes for 231 yards and a TD. It was his fifth straight game with a QBR above 50.0 and a PFF grade above 60.0.
  • Devin Singletary's 78% snap share was a career high, with the rookie taking 14 carries for 63 yards and catching three of four targets for 38 yards and a TD. He has 8.0 or more PPR points in six consecutive games and eight of nine overall.
  • Frank Gore's 22% snap share was a season low. He took nine carries for 11 yards and caught his lone target for 14 yards. Neither RB got a carry inside the 10-yard line.
  • John Brown fell shy of 50 receiving yards for a second straight week, but he salvaged his fantasy day with a 28-yard passing TD. He's scored at least 9.5 PPR points and 5.5 standard points every week this year.
  • Cole Beasley played 88% of snaps, his third week in a row at 81% or higher. A 6-110-1 receiving line on seven targets brought his three-week averages to 5.3 catches for 74.7 yards and 0.67 TDs on 6.7 targets, and he now owns season marks of 7.8 YPT and a 67.9% catch rate. Beasley looks like a solid WR3 now that he rarely comes off the field. Prior to Week 11, his snap share fluctuated from 45% to 85%.
  • Isaiah McKenzie (45%) and Robert Foster (42%) split the No. 3 WR role. The former caught each of three targets for 34 yards, while the latter caught one of two for 20 yards and added a seven-yard carry.
  • Dawson Knox matched a career high from the previous week with 78% snap share, hauling in three of four targets for 17 yards. He's seen more playing time of late, but it hasn't translated to receiving opportunities (3, 2, 4 targets the past three weeks).
  • Brown ran 31 routes on Allen's 31 dropbacks, followed by Beasley (30), Singletary (28), Knox (26), McKenzie (18) and Foster (13), per PFF.
  • Over the past three weeks, Brown has run a route on each of Allen's 96 dropbacks, followed by Beasley (91), McKenzie (74), Singletary (70) and Knox (68), per PFF.
  • The Bills have run 80 plays with either no huddle or a "sugar huddle" the past three weeks, compared to just 45 snaps total over their first nine games. Those 80 snaps have included 42 pass plays or sacks for an average of 5.7 net yards per attempt (NY/A), while the 38 carries have averaged a robust 6.6 yards. Singletary has taken 20 carries for 119 yards out of no huddle or sugar huddle the past three games.


  • Dak Prescott took a season-high four sacks and also had season highs for pass attempts (49) and completions (32). A 55.0 QBR was his third worst of the year.
  • Ezekiel Elliott played 88% of snaps, matching a season low with 12 carries but offsetting it with season highs for catches (seven), targets (10) and receiving yards (66). It was his first game with more than four targets since Week 7.
  • Elliott forced six missed tackles on 12 carries and picked up more yards after contact (73) than total rushing yards (71), per PFF.
  • Amari Cooper put up 8-85-0 on 11 targets and 82% of snaps, handling his usual snap workload for a second straight week.
  • Randall Cobb's 86% snap share was a season high, up from 44% and 62% the previous two weeks, though his production dropped to 3-53-0 on three targets.
  • The Cowboys defense has given up triple-digit rushing yards in six consecutive games.

Saints 26 Falcons 18


  • Alvin Kamara played 82% of snaps, his most in a game since Week 3. He's been stuck on two touchdowns since that same game, despite drawing eight or more targets in each of five games when both he and Drew Brees have been healthy.
  • Latavius Murray dipped to 26% snap share, with four carries and no targets.
  • Michael Thomas had 10.8 PPR points, his first time below 16.4 all year.
  • Tre'Quan Smith only drew two targets, but 74% snap share put him comfortably ahead of Ted Ginn (54%, one target).
  • Jared Cook played 58% of snaps for a second straight week, after logging 70% in Weeks 10 and 11. He caught three of six targets for 85 yards, with a bad drop in the end zone after his 40-yard catch brought the Saints into scoring position (in other words: classic Jared Cook).
  • Cook, Thomas, Kamara and Ginn had one drop apiece in Thursday's game, per PFF.

Pass Distribution in 5 games with Everyone Healthy (Weeks 1, 10-13)

Thomas: 56 targets (29%), 448 air yards (35%), 8.0 aDOT

Kamara: 45 targets (23%), 29 air yards (2%), 0.6 aDOT

Cook: 29 targets (15%), 313 air yards (24%), 10.8 aDOT

Ginn: 20 targets (10%), 379 air yards (29%), 18.0 aDOT

Smith: 10 targets (5%), 120 air yards (9%), 12.0 aDOT

Murray: 8 targets (4%), -7 air yards (-1%), -0.9 aDOT


  • The Falcons recovered two onside kicks in the fourth quarter.
  • Devonta Freeman returned from a foot injury with 17 carries, five targets and 64 yards on 67% of snaps.
  • Brian Hill was the No. 2 RB with four carries, three targets and 37 yards on 26% of snaps.
  • With Julio Jones (shoulder) inactive, Calvin Ridley handled career-high 93% snaps share. An 8-91-0 receiving line on 10 targets gave him three weeks in a row with at least eight targets and 91 total yards. Ridley is second in the NFL with 426 air yards in that span.
  • Christian Blake took 89% of snaps and caught six of nine targets for 57 yards.
  • Russell Gage didn't get a bump in playing time (58%) but did post a 5-52-1 line on nine targets. He's averaging 5.2 catches for 48.2 yards and 0.2 TDs on 7.4 targets in five games since the Mohamed Sanu trade.
  • Justin Hardy worked as the No. 4 WR, catching each of his three targets for 28 yards on 28% of snaps.
  • Jaeden Graham played 59% of snaps and caught each of his four targets for 41 yards and a touchdown. He's been solid filling in for Austin Hooper (knee), with seven catches for 117 yards and the touchdown on eight targets the past three weeks.

Packers 31 Giants 13


  • Aaron Jones played 58% of snaps, his eighth straight game in the range of 49-to-67%. He was limited to 41 yards on 11 carries and six targets, while Jamaal Williams produced 67 yards from 10 carries and four targets (42% snap share).
  • Davante Adams played 78% of snaps and drew double-digit targets for his fifth straight game dating back to Week 4, his last action before getting hurt. He has three touchdowns the past two weeks, after zero through six games.
  • Geronimo Allison played 63% of snaps, his fifth straight week in the range of 63-to-68%. He has no more than four targets or 21 yards in any of those games.
  • Allen Lazard played 58% of snaps and went for 3-103-1 on three targets. Meanwhile, Marquez Valdes-Scantling was held without a catch on two targets, handling 27% of snaps.
  • Jimmy Graham's 42% snap share was his smallest since Week 3. He has five consecutive games with single-digit PPR points, and he's seen more than five targets just once all year.
  • Adams ran 33 routes on Rodgers' 36 dropbacks, followed by Allison (28), Lazard (21), Jones (17), Graham (16) and Williams (12), per PFF.


  • Daniel Jones avoided any sacks for the first time since Week 4 but did throw a trio of interceptions.
  • Saquon Barkley played 96% of snaps, taking 19 carries for 83 yards and catching three of seven targets for 32 yards. It was his most rushing yards since Week 2 and his first game with triple-digit total yardage since Week 8.
  • Darius Slayton led the WRs with 94% of snaps, six catches, nine targets and 44 yards, while Sterling Shepard had a 3-40-1 line on seven targets and 85% of snaps. Slayton also had a 29-yard gain wiped out by offsetting penalties.
  • Shepard has drawn either seven or nine targets in each of his six appearances this year, averaging 5.5 catches for 53.7 yards and 0.33 TDs on 8.3 targes.
  • With Golden Tate (concussion) inactive, Cody Latimer played 49% of snaps and someone name Da'Mari Scott played 33%. They combined for a 2-54-0 line on five targets.
  • With Evan Engram (foot) and Rhett Ellison (concussion) both out again, Kaden Smith played 91% of snaps and caught six of eight targets for 70 yards, including two receptions for 42 yards on the final drive deep into garbage time. Smith had a 5-17-1 line on six targets and 98% of snaps the previous week, so he's a solid streamer if both Engram and Ellison are out for another game.

Titans 31 Colts 17


  • Derrick Henry lost a fumble for a second straight week and a third time this season, but he also carried the Titans to a third consecutive win, playing 75% of snaps and piling up 166 yards on 29 touches. He has at least 16 touches in every game this year, with double-digit standard fantasy points in 10 of 12 games.
  • Ryan Tannehill leads all qualified passers in YPA (9.1), and his sack rate (12.0) is second highest behind only Marcus Mariota's 13.6 percent. Tannehill is No. 6 in NY/A (7.12), which includes the impact of sacks and sack yardage.
  • A.J. Brown played 90% of snaps, his most in any game when Corey Davis (68%) has been active. Brown caught three of four targets for 45 yards, with Tannehill attempting just 22 passes (and taking six sacks).
  • Brown has a 19% target share and 26% air-yard share in Tannehill's six starts, but it works out to an average of just 5.2 targets per game because the Titans have piled up so many rush attempts (and sacks). Tannehill is averaging just 26.7 throws per start.
  • Brown is tied for third among WRs with 10 missed tackles forced, and his average of 8.4 YAC per reception leads the bunch (40-target minimum), per PFF.
  • Davis played 68% of snaps and caught one of two targets for 23 yards. He has two games with double-digit PPR points all year, and he hasn't reached 80% snap share since Week 6.
  • Adam Humphries played 38% of snaps and caught one of two targets for a 13-yard TD. He's averaging 3.3 targets per game with Tannehill as the starter.
  • Jonnu Smith played 87% of snaps and caught both of his targets for no gain. He has 14% target share in Tannehill's six starts, averaging 3.8 per game.


  • Jordan Wilkins led the backfield in snap share (44%), carries (11), targets (three) and total yards (56), while Jonathan Williams had eight carries, one target and 25 yards on 22% of snaps. Williams didn't get a single touch after halftime, giving way to Wilkins and Nyheim Hines (43% of snaps, four carries, two targets, 40 yards, one TD).
  • Zach Pascal played every snap on offense, catching seven of 10 targets for 109 yards. It was his sixth consecutive game playing at least 88% of snaps, and he's now averaged 2.8 catches for 39 yards and 0.17 TDs on 5.3 targets in that stretch, with nearly all the production occurring in two games (Weeks 9 and 13).
  • Marcus Johnson played 93% of snaps and caught four of six targets for 55 yards. It was his fourth time with at least 63% of snaps in four appearances for the Colts. Johnson is averaging 2.3 catches for 25.5 yards and 0.25 TDs on 3.5 targets.
  • Chester Rogers (IR-knee) left after one play, allowing Ashton Dulin to serve as the No. 3 WR with 57% snap share and a 13-yard reception on his lone target. There's a clear opening for Parris Campbell (hand) once he's deemed healthy enough to play.
  • Jack Doyle took advantage of Eric Ebron's season-ending ankle surgery, establishing season highs for snap share (94%), catches (six), yards (73) and targets (11), along with his fourth TD of the year. Treat Doyle as a mid-to-low-range TE1 the rest of the way.

Browns 13 Steelers 20


  • Nick Chubb played 59% of snaps, after 57% the previous game. He took at least 60% in each of Cleveland's first 10 games, including one game at 99% and three others in the 81-to-87 range. Chubb finished Sunday's game with season lows for both standard fantasy points (7.9) and PPR points (8.9).
  • Kareem Hunt bumped up to a season-high 65% of snaps, taking seven carries for 46 yards and catching each of his five targets for 19 yards and a touchdown. The boost in playing time likely was a product of game script, as the Browns played from behind for most of the second half. (They won each of Hunt's first three games.)
  • Jarvis Landry put up 6-76-0 on 11 targets, reaching double-digit targets for a fifth time in the past six games. His 13.6 PPR points were the fewest he's had since Week 8.
  • Odell Beckham was shut down for 3-29-0 on six targets, once again outshone by his buddy.
  • Rashard Higgins was held without a catch on three targets while playing 42% of snaps. KhaDarel Hodge wasn't targeted on 30% of snaps. It's a timeshare for a role that doesn't involve many chances.
  • The Browns also continued their TE timeshare, with Demetrius Harris at 62% of snaps, Stephen Carlson at 26% and Ricky Seals-Jones at 20%. It isn't clear if or when David Njoku (wrist) will be brought back from IR.


  • Benny Snell had a 16-63-1 rushing line and one catch for four yards on 37% of snaps. He touched the ball on 17 of his 23 plays, after 22 of 35 the previous week. For the season, he has 68 touches on 109 snaps (62%).
  • Jaylen Samuels led the backfield with 55% snap share, taking seven carries for 32 yards and catching both of his targets for 22 yards.
  • Kerrith Whyte took three carries for 10 yards on 15% of snaps and had a five-yard catch erased by a penalty. His three carries all occurred in the second quarter.
  • Vance McDonald played 87% of snaps, his sixth straight game with 78% or more. He's averaging 3.0 catches for 19.2 yards and 0.17 TDs on 4.8 targets in that stretch.
  • James Washington led the WRs with 71% of snaps, hauling in each of his four targets for 111 yards and a touchdown, including a pair of high-difficulty contested catches.
  • Washington still hasn't seen more than seven targets in any games this season, but he's working on five straight weeks with 49 or more yards, averaging 4.0 catches for 83.4 yards and 0.6 TDs on 5.4 targets in that time.
  • Diontae Johnson played 65% of snaps and caught one of five targets for 14 yards. He has six catches for 60 yards on 15 targets the past three weeks.
  • Tevin Jones caught one of two targets for 28 yards on 39% of snaps. Johnny Holton didn't have any targets on 31%. Deon Cain caught his lone target for a five-yard gain on 26%.
  • Washington ran 23 routes on 23 dropbacks, followed by McDonald (21), Johnson (20) and Samuels (13), per PFF.
  • Washington has run a route on 98 of 105 QB dropbacks the past three weeks, slightly behind McDonald (99) but well ahead of Johnson (70), Jones (57) and Samuels (41), per PFF. Essentially, the Steelers only take McDonald or Washington off the field if it's a run play anyway.

49ers 17 Ravens 20


  • Raheem Mostert played 74% of snaps, the most by any 49ers running back in a game this year. He finished with a 19-146-1 rushing line and 2-8-0 receiving line on two targets, boosting his season averages to 5.9 YPC and 7.9 YPT.
  • Tevin Coleman got the start but ultimately played just 18% of snaps, with five carries for six yards and one catch for nine yards. Five of his six touches occurred within the first eight minutes of the game. Coleman is down to 3.8 YPC and 6.4 YPT for the season
  • Jeff Wilson chipped in one catch for seven yards on 9% of snaps.
  • In addition to his No. 2 ranking for yards per carry, Mostert is No. 5 out of 44 qualified rushers in PFF's elusive rating (80.9), far ahead of Matt Breida (36.3, 36th) and Coleman (32.3, 39th). Mostert has forced 22 missed tackles on 92 carries, and he's third in the league with an average of 3.59 yards after contact.
  • The 49ers tightened their rotation, with George Kittle playing 100% of snaps, Emmanuel Sanders at 98% and Deebo Samuel at 96%. It didn't translate to target volume in a game that saw Jimmy Garoppolo attempt just 21 passes (the two teams combined for 67 carries and 352 rushing yards).
  • The opening drive was a microcosm of Samuel's rookie campaign. He dropped a pass on 2nd-and-2 when he was wide open, then bounced back two snaps later with a 33-yard, contested-catch touchdown on 4th-and-2. He has a 71.2% catch rate and 9.6 yards per target, despite being tied for the third-most drops among WRs (seven, per PFF). He ranks second among WRs in avoided tackles after catches (12) and YAC per reception (7.7).
  • Sanders led the team with six targets, his most since Week 9.
  • Kendrick Bourne (44%) and Kyle Juszczyk (46%) were the only other skill-position players with significant roles on offense.

Pass Distribution with Kittle, Sanders and Samuel Active (Weeks 8-9, 12-13)

Kittle: 25 targets (25%), 191 air yards (29%), 7.6 aDOT

Sanders: 21 targets (21%), 225 air yards (34%), 10.7 aDOT

Samuel: 16 targets (16%), 136 air yards (21%), 8.5 aDOT

Coleman: 11 targets (11%), -11 air yards (-2%), -1.0 aDOT

Bourne: 7 targets (7%), 45 air yards (7%), 6.4 aDOT

Mostert: 5 targets (5%), 11 air yards (2%), 2.2 aDOT


  • Lamar Jackson lost a fumble for the first time all year and had a season-low 105 passing yards, but he also had his fourth 100-yard rushing game and his seventh TD on the ground. While still far above league average, his 74.3 QBR from Sunday's game was his worst since Week 5. The Ravens had three drops on his 23 pass attempts.
  • Mark Ingram played 55% of snaps, his largest share since Week 5. He was limited to 62 yards on 15 carries and two targets — right around his season averages in terms of workload.
  • Nick Boyle played a season-high 92% of snaps, catching one of two targets for four yards.
  • Mark Andrews had a 3-50-1 line on six targets and 43% of snaps, once again relying on efficiency rather than volume.
  • Marquise Brown played 57% of snaps, after 54% and 62% the previous two weeks. He was held to one catch for one yard on two targets.
  • Brown, Boyle and Seth Roberts tied for the team lead with 16 routes on Jackson's 24 dropbacks, followed by Andrews (12), Gus Edwards (10) and Hayden Hurst (10), per PFF.
  • Andrews is 23rd among TEs with 248 routes run this season, while his mark of 2.79 yards per route is second to only Kittle (3.07), per PFF. Andrews has 79 targets on those routes, good for a league-high 32% target rate.
  • The Ravens still haven't given up more than 20 points or 347 yards in a game since they traded for Marcus Peters, who, incidentally, was atrocious in Sunday's win. Peters allowed a 5-79-1 receiving line on six targets into his coverage (per PFF), adding a few missed tackles along the way. He's been great for the Ravens overall, so this was the first real glimpse of the not-so-good version that was seen as expendable by his last two teams.

Buccaneers 28 Jaguars 11


  • Jameis Winston didn't throw any picks but did take four sacks and lose a fumble.
  • Ronald Jones got the start but finished with just six carries for eight yards on 28% of snaps, his smallest share since Week 8. He saw four of his six touches within the first 10 minutes of the game.
  • Peyton Barber took advantage of the benching with a 17-44-2 rushing line (but no targets) on 39% snap share, his largest since Week 2.
  • Dare Ogunbowale on passing downs has been the one stable feature of this backfield, though he hasn't done much with the role. He had one carry, two targets and 12 yards Sunday, marking an 11th straight game with 25 or fewer total yards. He played 30% of snaps.
  • O.J. Howard played 83% of snaps and caught five passes for 61 yards, tying Chris Godwin and Breshad Perriman for second on the team with six targets.
  • Perriman also had five catches and led the team with 87 receiving yards, playing 58% of snaps. Scott Miller was inactive with a hamstring injury, so Perriman lost his competition for the No. 3 snaps.
  • Cameron Brate drew one target on 37% of snaps, mirroring his role from the previous week.


  • Nick Foles was benched after he committed three turnovers in the first half. We may not see him again this year.
  • Leonard Fournette made up for a 14-38-0 rushing line with nine catches for 53 yards on a team-high 11 targets, playing 89% of snaps. He isn't exactly fluid as a pass catcher, but that hasn't stopped him from piling up 65 receptions in 12 games, at a clip of 6.8 yards per catch and 5.5 YPT. Fournette's 20 avoided tackles are a league high for any player at any position, per PFF.
  • D.J. Chark played 92% of snaps, followed by Dede Westbrook (78%), Chris Conley (75%) and Keelan Cole (53%).
  • Conley had 4-57-0 on five targets, falling shy of seven targets for the first time since Week 6.
  • Chark's five targets were his fewest since Week 7, and two receptions marked a season low.
  • Westbrook went for 5-60-1 on eight targets, adding a two-point conversion. He's seen at least five targets in every game this season, apart from the one he left early due to injury.
  • Nick O'Leary led the TEs with 64% of snaps, catching one of four targets for six yards.

Eagles 31 Dolphins 37


  • Carson Wentz's 76.5 QBR was his best since Week 8 at Buffalo.
  • Miles Sanders played 87% of snaps, up a tick from 85% both of the previous two weeks. It finally paid off in the box score: 17-83-0 on the ground and 5-22-1 through the air.
  • Alshon Jeffery showed no limitations in his first game back from an ankle injury, hauling in nine of 16 targets for 137 yards and a TD on 90% of snaps.
  • Nelson Agholor played 89% of snaps and caught three of six targets for 41 yards.
  • Zach Ertz was held to 3-24-0 on six targets, playing a season-low 75% of snaps. His hamstring injury likely was a factor.
  • Dallas Goedert dipped to 56% of snaps, following four straight weeks at 75% or higher. No matter, he caught six of seven targets for 66 yards, his best yardage total since Week 7 and third best of his young career.
  • Greg Ward played 41% of snaps, and J.J. Arcega-Whiteside took 38%, i.e., the Eagles used more three-wide formations and cut back on the two-TE stuff that dominated their offense the past few weeks.
  • Agholor and Jeffery ran 44 routes apiece on Wentz's 48 dropbacks, followed by Ertz (38), Sanders (37), Goedert (21), Ward (20) and JJAW (14), per PFF.


  • Ryan Fitzpatrick's mark of 9.4 YPA was his best in any start this season, and an 82.3 QBR was his second best.
  • Kalen Ballage got the start but left early with a leg injury, allowing Patrick Laird to lead the backfield with 60% of snaps (Myles Gaskin got 22%, Ballage had 15%).
  • Laird was stuffed to the tune of 10 carries for five yards, but he did punch in a four-yard touchdown, and he caught four of five targets for 43 yards (plus a two-pt. conversion).
  • Gaskin took two carries for 20 yards and caught one pass for six yards.
  • DeVante Parker was the story of the day, catching seven of 10 targets for 159 yards and two touchdowns. He's reached double-digit targets in each of four games since Preston Williams suffered an ACL tear, averaging 6.3 catches for 113.5 yards and 0.5 TDs on 10.3 targets in that span. Fire up Parker as a confident WR2 so long as Fitzmagic stays healthy.
  • Allen Hurns caught three of four targets for 33 yards on 81% of snaps. That's four straight games with at least 80% of snaps and 32 yards, though he hasn't gone any higher than 53 yards. He's the clear No. 2 receiver, but it's a distant No. 2 to Parker.
  • Albert Wilson finally made an impact with Jakeem Grant (ankle) out of the picture, catching each of his five targets for 32 yards and taking two carries for 31 yards. However, Wilson only played 53% of snaps, as Isaiah Ford (26%) also got some work.
  • Mike Gesicki played 74% of snaps and put together his best fantasy day as a pro: 5-79-1 on seven targets. He's run a route on 127 of Fitzpatrick's 143 dropbacks the past three weeks, barely behind Parker (132) and Hurns (128), while Wilson is a distant fourth with 81, per PFF.

Jets 6 Bengals 22


  • Le'Veon Bell played 85% of snaps, with Bilal Powell getting 15% and Ty Montgomery taking 5%. However, the backups did poach a total of five carries and three targets, compared to 10 carries and five targets for Bell.
  • Robby Anderson played 88% of snaps, slightly more than Jamison Crowder (85%) and Demaryius Thomas (74%). Per usual, Vyncint Smith (27%) also got a bit of work.
  • Ryan Griffin played 84%, catching five of seven targets for 30 yards.
  • Crowder managed just 2-8-0 on nine targets, after 2-18-0 on four targets the previous week. Before that, he had three straight games with at least 76 yards and a touchdown.
  • Anderson went 7-101-0 on 10 targets, after 4-86-1 on five targets the previous week. Signs of life, finally...
  • Thomas had a second straight dud, catching three of five targets for 23 yards. His per-game average of 5.4 targets is respectable, but he still doesn't have a TD.


  • Andy Dalton was not Ryan Finley. Sometimes, that's enough.
  • Joe Mixon played a season-high 79% of snaps, with a 19-44-1 rushing line and four catches for 26 yards on four targets.
  • Tyler Boyd played 83% of snaps and caught five of 10 targets for 59 yards and a touchdown. He also drew a 39-yard PI penalty to set up Mixon's five-yard touchdown. Boyd, somehow, is on pace for a 1,000-yard season... 91-1,011-4 on 149 targets.
  • Auden Tate caught four of seven targets for 66 yards on 80% snap share. He has 50-plus yards or a TD in each of the past seven games with Dalton starting at quarterback, producing at least 9.0 PPR points in each of those contests. Of course, John Ross (shoulder) was only active for the first two games in that group.
  • Alex Erickson played 64% of snaps, ahead of Stanley Morgan (33%) and Damion Willis (17%).
  • C.J. Uzomah played 71% of snaps, tying for his largest share of the season (Week 1). He caught five of six targets for 51 yards, his first semi-relevant performance since Week 1.

Redskins 29 Panthers 21


  • Dwayne Haskins didn't throw any interceptions, but he completed just 52% of his passes for 5.9 YPA, with five sacks, a fumble and a botched snap (both recovered by Washington). His 14.2 QBR for the season would easily be worst in the league if he had enough pass attempts to qualify. However, he got an 85.4 grade from PFF for Sunday's win, with three drops playing a role in his poor passing line.
  • Adrian Peterson got the start and played 36% of snaps, with a 13-99-1 rushing line and one target. He scored his TD from 12 yards out.
  • Derrius Guice made the most of a 30% snap share, rumbling for 10-129-2 on the ground and adding two catches for eight yards on three targets. Both of his touchdowns came from one yard out, with the first set up by his 60-yard run and the second set up by a 37-yard scamper.
  • Guice has three carries from inside the 10-yard line over the past three games, while Peterson hasn't seen one since Week 8.
  • Chris Thompson matched Peterson at 36% snap share, catching one of two targets for 15 yards and adding three carries for 14 yards. It was Thompson's first game back after an extended absence due to a toe injury.
  • Terry McLaurin caught two of four targets for eight yards, playing 86% of snaps. He committed his seventh drop of the season, tied for third most among WRs, per PFF.
  • With Paul Richardson (hamstring) inactive, Kelvin Harmon played 84% of snaps and caught three of five targets for 51 yards. The rookie has played at least two-thirds of snaps in three consecutive games, averaging 3.7 catches for 49 yards on 5.7 targets.
  • Trey Quinn suffered a concussion early in the game, pushing Steven Sims up to the No. 3 role. Sims caught three of four targets for 29 yards on 58% of snaps.
  • Jeremy Sprinkle played 77% of snaps and caught two of four passes for 36 yards. The targets and yards both were season highs, but he still hasn't caught more than two passes in any game, despite playing at least 74% of snaps in seven straight.


  • Kyle Allen finished with seven sacks, two fumbles (one lost) and an interception, completing 58.7% of his throws for 6.0 YPA. It was his sixth consecutive game taking three or more sacks, and the fumbles were Nos. 9 and 10 this season. His 39 sacks are third most in the league, while 337 sack yards are easily the most (Kyler Murray is second with 276 yards lost on 41 sacks).
  • Christian McCaffrey took 14 carries for 44 yards and caught seven of 13 targets for 58 yards, playing 99% of snaps. It was his third game of the year with no touchdown and his second-worst performance in terms of fantasy points (10.2 standard, 17.2 PPR). He had two of the Panthers' five drops, including one on the final drive after the Panthers recovered an onside kick to have a shot at winning the game.
  • D.J. Moore played 95% of snaps and put up 6-75-1 on 12 targets, adding one carry for a loss of three yards. It was Moore's eighth consecutive game with five or more catches and his fifth in a row with at least six catches, 75 yards and nine targets. He's on pace for 99-1,307-5.
  • Curtis Samuel played 92% of snaps and caught four of seven targets for 65 yards and a touchdown. It was his best fantasy performance since Week 6, but he did have a pair of drops, which brings him to seven for the season (tied for third most among WRs).
  • Greg Olsen suffered a concussion and finished with just 52% of snaps, allowing Ian Thomas to take 43%. Thomas caught each of his four targets for 24 yards.

Rams 34 Cardinals 7


  • Jared Goff threw for 417 yards through three quarters, adding one pass in the fourth quarter before he gave way to Blake Bortles.
  • Todd Gurley played 68% of snaps, but it would be 75% if we don't count the final two drives with Bortles at QB in garbage time. Gurley played 73%, 76% and 96% of snaps the previous three weeks.
  • Gurley posted a 19-95-1 rushing line and caught his lone target for a 20-yard gain. He gained five or more yards on 13 of his 19 carries, also scoring a one-yard TD.
  • Malcolm Brown intermittently subbed in for Gurley throughout the first three quarters, taking six carries for 30 yards and drawing one target on 23% of snaps.
  • Darrell Henderson was restricted to garbage time, with four carries for 17 yards on 9% of snaps.
  • Tyler Higbee made the most of Gerald Everett's absence due to a knee injury, catching seven of eight targets for 107 yards and a touchdown on 91% of snaps.
  • Robert Woods caught 13 of 19 targets for 172 yards on 85% of snaps, accounting for 44% of Goff's pass attempts and 41% of his yardage.
  • Woods is now averaging 5.8 catches for 75.9 yards per game, but his only touchdown came on a carry. He has three straight outings with at least six catches, nine targets and 95 yards.
  • Cooper Kupp caught each of his six targets for 65 yards and a score on 72% snap share.
  • Brandin Cooks played 77% of snaps, the same as the previous week. He caught both of his targets for 24 yards.
  • Josh Reynolds played 37% of snaps, and it wasn't just garbage time. He caught three passes for 36 yards from Goff, including one on the opening drive.


  • Kyler Murray took six sacks and completed just 55.9% of his passes for 4.8 YPA. It was his fourth game this season below 5.0 YPA. He bailed out fantasy owners, at least to some extent, with a 15-yard rushing TD in garbage time. Murray is on pace for a 95-595-5 rushing line for the year.
  • Kenyan Drake played 80% of snaps, taking 13 carries for 31 yards and catching two of five targets for 20 yards.
  • David Johnson played 23% of snaps, with four carries for 15 yards and two catches for nine yards on two targets.
  • Chase Edmonds strictly played special teams in his first game back from a hamstring injury.
  • Larry Fitzgerald had team highs across the board with six catches for 56 yards on seven targets, playing 92% of snaps.
  • Christian Kirk played 95% of snaps and caught three of seven targets for 23 yards.
  • Pharoh Cooper played 59% of snaps, sharing work with Damiere Byrd (38%) and Andy Isabella (31%).

Chargers 20 Broncos 23


  • Philip Rivers posted a 48.3 QBR, his third straight game below 50.0 For the season, he's 23rd of 31 qualifiers in QBR (46.7) and 15th out of 36 in PFF grade (74.2). Rivers is 14th in completion percentage (64.7), 12th in YPA (7.7), 26th in TD rate (3.8), 31st in INT rate (3.4) and ninth in sack rate (5.5).
  • Melvin Gordon played a season-high 65% of snaps, taking 20 carries for 99 yards and catching two of three targets for 11 yards. It was his fourth straight game with 90 or more total yards and 17 or more touches.
  • Austin Ekeler played 53% of snaps, taking nine carries for 16 yards and catching four of five targets for 51 yards and a touchdown. His averages since Gordon rejoined the team: 6.0 carries, 6.8 targets, 5.5 receptions, 76 total yards, 0.5 TDs per game...16.1 PPR points.
  • Mike Williams played 88% of snaps and caught five of seven targets for 117 yards, including a 52-yard gain to set up a touchdown shortly before halftime and a 38-yarder to convert a 4th-and-11 on the game-tying drive.
  • Williams is a cautionary tale for people — and there are many of them — who choose to ignore TD regression when dealing with tall wide receivers. Of course, he's now a leading candidate for some positive regression, sitting on a 38-778-0 receiving line.
  • Keenan Allen played 95% of snaps and caught each of his six targets for 68 yards and a touchdown. He scored from 36 yards out but otherwise was held to short gains. Allen has three straight games between 68 and 71 receiving yards.
  • No. 3 receiver Andre Patton caught a pass for the first time since Week 4, finishing with one reception for eight yards on two targets (62% of snaps). It snapped a streak of four straight games with at least 75% snap share and zero receptions.
  • Hunter Henry played 76% of snaps but caught just two passes for 10 yards on three targets. It was his first appearance this year with fewer than four receptions or 8.7 PPR points.


  • Drew Lock threw a pick and produced just 4.8 YPA, but he didn't take any sacks or fumble the ball, and his 45.8 QBR is a solid number for a first start.
  • Phillip Lindsay dropped to 44% of snaps after 65% and 55% the previous two weeks, but it didn't impact his workload: 17-58-0 on the ground and three catches for four yards on three targets.
  • Royce Freeman played 56% of snaps but saw just five carries (for 11 yards) and four targets (four catches for 13 yards). It was his fourth straight game with single-digit touches.
  • Courtland Sutton played 98% of snaps and single-handedly made the Denver offense look competent, catching four of five targets for 74 yards and two touchdowns. He also drew a controversial PI penalty for 37 yards to set up the game-winning field goal.
  • Sutton is up to 10.2 yards per target and six TDs in an offense that has produced 6.7 YPA and 11 passing touchdowns for the year. He's dropped just one pass on 89 targets, after dropping nine of his 84 targets as a rookie, per PFF. Sutton also has drawn five PI penalties for 116 yards... only Mike Evans has picked up more yardage on DPI calls (139).
  • DaeSean Hamilton played more snaps (65%) than Tim Patrick (56%), and the Broncos mostly used multi-TE formations.
  • Noah Fant played 72% of snaps, followed by Jeff Heuerman (49%), Andrew Beck (28%) and Troy Fumagalli (26%) at tight end.
  • Sutton ran 31 routes, followed by Patrick (23), Hamilton (23), Freeman (21), Fant (20) and Heuerman (10), per PFF. That isn't great news for Fant, who drew just five targets and now has four catches for 19 yards the past two games.

Raiders 9 Chiefs 40


  • Derek Carr threw two interceptions, bringing his three-week total to four picks.
  • Josh Jacobs played 57% of snaps, taking 17 carries for 104 yards but finishing without a target. The snap share was a major bump up from 40% in a blowout loss the previous week.
  • Tyrell Williams caught one of four targets for nine yards on 90% of snaps. He hasn't seen more than six targets in any of his six appearances since returning from a foot injury.
  • Zay Jones played 70% of snaps, catching two of three targets for 14 yards.
  • Keelan Doss essentially replaced Hunter Renfrow (ribs), catching his lone target for 11 yards on 55% of snaps.
  • Darren Waller was the only productive pass catcher, hauling in seven of nine targets for 100 yards on 92% of snaps. It was his best fantasy game since Week 7, by far.


  • With Damien Williams (ribs) inactive, LeSean McCoy got the start and split work with Darrel Williams until Darrel injured his hamstring in the third quarter. Williams finished with six carries, two targets, 16 yards and a TD on 27% of snaps, with McCoy getting five carries, three targets, 30 yards and a TD on 36%.
  • McCoy's final touch was a three-yard TD with 6:51 remaining in the third quarter. Darwin Thompson dominated garbage time, picking up his entire 11-44-1 rushing line in the fourth quarter (he played 36% of snaps overall). Thompson did have one key play before the game got totally out of hand, picking up a holding penalty that negated a 32-yard touchdown by Demarcus Robinson (it was a bad call by the ref; the TD should've been allowed).
  • Sammy Watkins finished without a catch on three targets, playing 61% of snaps. Tyreek Hill played 81% and caught five of eight targets for 55 yards. Travis Kelce got 91% and caught five of nine targets for 90 yards.
  • Mecole Hardman played 39% of snaps, down from 76% in the previous game (in which Hill left early with a hamstring injury). Hardman is still getting less playing time than Robinson (57%) when the Chiefs have everyone healthy.
  • Patrick Mahomes completed just 15 of 29 passes for 175 yards and a TD, but it was a solid performance once other factors are accounted for, including the aforementioned penalty that robbed him of a 32-yard TD. Mahomes took just one sack and didn't have any fumbles or interceptions (one was cancelled by a DPI penalty), and he chipped in 3-25-1 on the ground. Also, the Chiefs dropped five passes, with Kelce (two), Hill, Watkins and Darrel Williams all contributing, per PFF.

Patriots 22 Texans 28


  • Tom Brady finished with 326 yards and three touchdowns, but he completed just 51.1% of his passes for 6.9 YPA. He had 144 yards and two TDs on his final two drives, cutting the deficit from 28-9 to 28-21.
  • Sony Michel took 10 carries for 45 yards on season-low 17% snap share. He played just 22% of snaps in New England's other loss, with five touches for 30 yards Week 9 in Baltimore.
  • James White took advantage of the situation with 78% snap share, piling up 14-79-0 on the ground and 8-98-2 on 11 targets, one week after his worst fantasy performance of the season (three touches for minus-one yard on 31% of snaps).
  • White's two best fantasy performances of the season have come in the Patriots' two losses. They have games against the Chiefs (Week 14) and Bills (Week 16) coming up, so we could see more busy days from White in the near future (not to mention the playoffs).
  • Julian Edelman played 92% of snaps, followed by Phillip Dorsett (71%), Jakobi Meyers (70%), N'Keal Harry (25%) and Mohamed Sanu (22%). It seems Sanu is still bothered by his ankle.
  • Edelman was the only WR with more than three catches, seven targets or 46 yards... he went for 6-106-1 on 12 targets. He's on pace for 109-1,220-7 on 165 targets, with each of his last seven games producing at least 10 targets and 10.3 PPR points.
  • Ben Watson played 54% of snaps, slightly behind Matt LaCosse (61%). Watson had one target on 29 routes, while LaCosse saw two passes on just 15 routes, per PFF.
  • Edelman ran 50 routes, followed by Meyers (40), White (40), Dorsett (39) and Watson (29).


  • Carlos Hyde dropped to 38% of snaps, his first time all year below 53% in a game the Texans won. He had 10 carries, one target and 22 total yards.
  • Duke Johnson handled a season-high 68% snap share, taking nine carries for 36 yards and catching five of six targets for 54 yards and a touchdown. Is it possible Bill O'Brien has finally figured out that Johnson is a much, much better player than Hyde?
  • The Patriots limited DeAndre Hopkins to 5-64-0 on eight targets, but he still had a decent fantasy outing with the help of a six-yard TD "pass" on a trick play.
  • Will Fuller played 75% of snaps but managed just one catch for eight yards on two targets.
  • Kenny Stills caught three of four targets for 61 yards and a TD, playing 68% of snaps. He played 62% and drew two targets the previous week.
  • Darren Fells reemerged with a 2-23-1 receiving line on three targets and 75% snap share.
  • Jordan Akins played 55% of snaps, and Jordan Thomas got 25%. O'Brien mentioned last week that Thomas could get more work as he becomes more comfortable, and this was at least a decent step forward from 12% snap share the previous week in his 2019 debut.

Vikings 30 Seahawks 37


  • Dalvin Cook didn't get another touch after his third-quarter fumble, exiting the game with a shoulder injury. Alexander Mattison had four catches and three carries from that point forward, finishing with a 4-22-0 rushing line and 4-51-0 receiving line on five targets. Cook played 44% of snaps; Mattison finished with 49%.
  • Despite Cook's early exit, Ameer Abdullah played just 5% of snaps and didn't have a carry or target. Mattison is an obvious RB1 start if Cook ends up missing any time.
  • Stefon Diggs played 95% of snaps but caught just four of nine targets for 25 yards, adding 27 yards on a first-quarter carry. He had two drops.
  • Irv Smith Jr. and Kyle Rudolph logged 85% snap share apiece, with the former limited to 1-6-0 on three targets while the latter went off for 4-50-1 on six looks. Rudolph played a big role in the comeback bid with three catches for 39 yards and a TD in the final 10 minutes.
  • Bisi Johnson played 56% of snaps, with Laquon Treadwell contributing 29% (and a 58-yard TD on a busted coverage). The Vikings preferred two-TE formations even when they were forced to play with a multi-score deficit.


  • Chris Carson and Rashaad Penny formed an even timeshare, with the former playing 52% of snaps and the latter 47%. Carson had a 23-102-1 rushing line and a 1-7-0 receiving line on two targets, while Penny had 15-74-1 on the ground and 4-33-1 on five targets.
  • Tyler Lockett finished without a catch on three targets, playing 88% of snaps. He has four catches for 64 yards on nine targets over his past three games, though the game before that was his 13-152-2 explosion against Tampa.
  • DK Metcalf played 80% of snaps and caught six of seven targets for 75 yards. It was his third straight game finishing either first or second on the team in targets. The rookie is up to seven consecutive games with five or more targets and five in a row with snap share of 80% or higher. His numbers over the past five games — since the snap bump — prorate to 77-1,011-10 on 118 targets over a 16-game season.
  • Jacob Hollister played 81% of snaps and caught six passes for 44 yards on a team-high eight targets. It was a nice bump from 69% snap share and four targets the previous week in Philadelphia, marking a return to his workload from Weeks 9 and 10 (six and 10 targets on 80% and 78% of snaps). Hollister dealt with a foot injury during the Philly game, so the 80% snap range and at least a handful of targets may be a reasonable expectation moving forward, i.e., solid TE1 range.
  • Josh Gordon played 36% of snaps, ahead of Malik Turner (20%), David Moore (13%) and Jaron Brown (11%). Moore took advantage of his limited playing time with a 2-65-1 line on four targets, but there hasn't been any sign of the Seahawks moving away from a rotation behind Lockett/Metcalf at WR.
  • Gordon caught his lone target for a 10-yard gain, giving him four catches for 47 yards on five targets in three games with the Seahawks (snap shares of 37%, 33%, 36%).

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Editor's Note: Many stats that include a player's rank in a category don't account for the Monday game. 

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Streaming Defenses: Week 3 Options
Streaming Defenses: Week 3 Options
NFL Waiver Wire: Week 3 Pickups
NFL Waiver Wire: Week 3 Pickups
East Coast Offense: Paying for QB and Kicker
East Coast Offense: Paying for QB and Kicker