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Frozen Fantasy: Orange is the New Black
3 days ago
Janet Eagleson analyzes Friday's Flyers-Oilers goalie swap while providing her latest player picks.
Frozen Fantasy: First Time for Everything
10 days ago
Janet Eagleson ponders her role in a trade of Devan Dubnyk that was challenged in her hockey league. Did she blow it? Did she get taken in the deal?
Frozen Fantasy: Tough Calls
17 days ago
NHL GMs face difficult decisions, but fantasy owners also don't have it easy. Let Janet Eagleson guide you in the right direction.
Frozen Fantasy: Enough was Enough
24 days ago
Janet Eagleson discusses the mess that is the Edmonton Oilers while providing a few pickup recommendations.
Frozen Fantasy: Back in Action
31 days ago
Janet Eagleson is back at it, and so is Calgary's Mikael Backlund. Just watch out for the black ice.
Frozen Fantasy: Midseason Trophy Picks
52 days ago
In addition to recommending a few short-term performers, Janet Eagleson presents her halfway selections for end-of-season awards - including a surprising nominee for top rookie.
Frozen Fantasy: Hart Forecast
59 days ago
Janet Eagleson reveals her MVP prediction - which may or may not upset Toronto supporters - while also touting a hot goal-scoring Pittsburgh forward.
Frozen Fantasy: Start the Car
66 days ago
In addition to Janet Eagleson's admission of robbery, she professes her admiration for a few players - including Tampa's Anthony Cirelli.
Frozen Fantasy: #LoseforHughes
73 days ago
In addition to her standard picks, Janet Eagleson suggests a shakeup for the Blackhawks and Kings for a chance to draft a once-in-a-lifetime player.
Frozen Fantasy: Seismic Shift
79 days ago
Janet Eagleson dissects the William Nylander deal while offering her latest batch of underowned players.
Frozen Fantasy: Playoff Crystal Ball
87 days ago
Janet Eagleson looks into the future to predict who will make the playoffs, while recommending a few players who are currently trending up.
Frozen Fantasy: Done as a Leaf
94 days ago
In addition to believing William Nylander's time is about to expire in Toronto, Janet Eagleson provides a pickle of a pickup.
Frozen Fantasy: Challenge Yourself
101 days ago
Janet Eagleson expresses how strategic thinking and learning can help you in fantasy, while also providing her most recent recommedations.
Frozen Fantasy: Fear the Wear-and-Tear
108 days ago
Janet Eagleson discusses how injuries have affected some big-name players, while keeping an eye on recent returnees like Alex Tuch.
Frozen Fantasy: Misjudged Assets
115 days ago
Janet Eagleson is urging you not to wait on a few struggling teams, but a couple of their assets can still help you now or down the line.
Frozen Fantasy: Panic or Patience
122 days ago
It's tough if your team is in turmoil early in the season, but Janet Eagleson has targeted a few available players to fill the fantasy void.
Frozen Fantasy: New NHL Reality
129 days ago
in addition to providing her latest player recommendations, Janet Eagleson explains how the NHL's youth have influenced the way the game is played.
Frozen Fantasy: Top-Six Talent for Free
136 days ago
Hockey is back and Janet Eagleson takes a look at a few overlooked forwards, including the Isles' Josh Bailey.
Top 10 Fantasy Rookies
Top 10 Fantasy Rookies
149 days ago
149 days ago
Janet Eagleson breaks down the top rookies heading into 2018-19 and how their performance will impact the fantasy arena.
Frozen Fantasy: What a Finish
325 days ago
NHL clubs are battling to the end and you should be doing the same in fantasy, so Janet Eagleson has provided a couple last-minute player recommendations in her final column of the season.
Frozen Fantasy: End of an Era
332 days ago
The Blackhawks may be done, but that shouldn't stop you from grabbing some late fantasy additions. And Janet Eagleson has the goods on a few players, including a Sharks winger who's producing again.
Frozen Fantasy: Decisions, Decisions
339 days ago
Janet Eagleson discusses the difficult decisions involved in fantasy lineups and relates that to some of her recommendations, including a Detroit forward returning to relevance.
Frozen Fantasy: Desperate Days
346 days ago
If you're looking for some late-season category-specific assistance, Janet Eagleson provides a few names who can help in different areas.
Frozen Fantasy: Trade Deadline Winners & Losers
353 days ago
Janet Eagleson provides a Trade Deadline recap and tips a few players for late-season success, including a speedy Detroit forward.
Frozen Fantasy: Trade Deadline Tension
360 days ago
In addition to discussing recent trade fallout, Janet Eagleson provides a few recommendations - including a Winnipeg forward who should already be in your lineup.
Frozen Fantasy: Kovalchuk Returns?
February 17, 2018
Janet Eagleson is enjoying Olympic hockey, but she can't wait for the return of Ilya Kovalchuk to the NHL. That and more in this week's Frozen Fantasy.
Frozen Fantasy: Hard to Repeat
Frozen Fantasy: Hard to Repeat
February 10, 2018
February 10, 2018
Janet Eagleson raves about a certain Islanders rookie center and discusses his future, but also promotes his linemate who is coming off a hat-trick.
Frozen Fantasy: Stick to the Plan
February 3, 2018
Wavering from your original plan can be harmful to your fantasy success. Janet Eagleson relates her experience with this concept and offers up a few pickup recommendations.
Frozen Fantasy: Calculated Risk
January 27, 2018
If you need a shakeup, Janet Eagleson believes there's room for risk in making transactions - whether that be via a trade or the waiver wire.
Frozen Fantasy: Medic! Medic!
January 20, 2018
In addition to dealing with injuries, Janet Eagleson gives advice on healthy prospects - including a suddenly productive Pittsburgh winger.