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SXM Highlights: What Should We Expect From Kenyan Drake?
4 days ago
Jeff and Liss discuss Kenyan Drake's expected fantasy value for the 2019 season.
SXM Highlights: Does Kareem Hunt Hurt Nick Chubb's Fantasy Value?
6 days ago
Liss and Jeff get into how Kareem Hunt's presence in Cleveland potentially hurts Nick Chubb's fantasy value for the 2019 season.
SXM Highlights: What's Wrong With Aaron Nola?
7 days ago
Liss and Jeff discuss possible reasons for Aaron Nola's inconsistencies this season.
SXM Highlights: Don't Give Up On Your Fantasy Baseball Team
11 days ago
Don't give up on your fantasy baseball team! Liss and Jeff give you reasons for hope.
SXM Highlights: Why The Finals Won't Impact Kawhi's Future
12 days ago
Nick Whalen joins Jeff Erickson and Chris Liss to break down Thursday's Game 6 and Kawhi Leonard's future.
SXM Highlights: Is Mahomes Top QB If Hill Is Suspended?
18 days ago
Liss and Jeff debate whether or not Mahomes is the top QB In fantasy If Hill Is suspended.
SXM Highlights: Miggy Frustrations
19 days ago
Liss vents to Jeff over the lack of information regarding Miguel Cabrera's recent injury news.
SXM Highlights: Todd Gurley's Health Questions & The Impact On Darrell Henderson's Draft Value
20 days ago
Liss and Jeff discuss how the questions surrounding Todd Gurley's health impacts his and teammate Darrell Henderson's draft values.
SXM Highlights: Aaron Jones Is Being Undervalued
21 days ago
Tom Kessenich, of SportsHub Games Network, says Aaron Jones is going too late in NFFC drafts.
Exit Velocity and Spin Rate Leaders
25 days ago
Hyun-Jin Ryu is having a superb season but surprisingly rates among the lowest qualified starters in spin rate. That's one of the observations drawn by Jeff Erickson using RotoWire's new batted ball data pages.
SXM Highlights: Don't Be Afraid to Cut Players
26 days ago
Jeff and Liss discuss the need to cut players in order to actually win. Liss dives into his Jason Kipnis or Orlando Arcia decision.
SXM Highlights: ESPN's Andre Snellings' Finals Preview
27 days ago
ESPN's Andre Snellings breaks down the NBA Finals with Liss and Jeff.
SXM Highlights: How Many Targets Will John Ross Get In 2019?
27 days ago
Liss and Jeff debate how many targets Cincy Bengals WR John Ross should receive in 2019.
SXM Highlights: How To Leverage Your Bench
27 days ago
Liss and Jeff dive into how to be active in the FAAB market so as to best leverage your bench spots.
SXM Highlights: Liss Vents About Unpredictable Play from Marginal Players
32 days ago
Liss vents to Jeff about unpredictable play from marginal players like Michael Wacha and Sonny Gray.
SXM Highlights: How Much Longer Will LeBron Be At The Top Of His Game?
33 days ago
Liss and Nick debate for how much longer can we expect superstar play from LeBron James.
SXM Highlights: What's Sonny Gray's ROS Value?
33 days ago
After an interesting outing yesterday, what is Sonny Gray's rest-of-season value? Liss and Jeff discuss.
SXM Highlights: What Has Gotten Into Jake Odorizzi?
34 days ago
Liss can't understand why Jake Odorizzi is pitching so well and is suspect about him keeping it up. Jeff is a bit more optimistic.
SXM Highlights: What Is Austin Riley's Big League Fantasy Value?
39 days ago
Liss & Jeff debate what to expect from Austin Riley in 2019. The 22-year-old Atlanta Brave went deep Wednesday night during his MLB debut.
SXM Highlights: Josh Bell Is Breaking Out
42 days ago
Liss and Jeff admit that the Pirates' Josh Bell is breaking out, contrary to their banter earlier in the season.
SXM Highlights: Will Miguel Cabrera Find His Power?
46 days ago
Liss and Jeff discuss Miguel Cabrera's lack of home runs this season and if that will change going forward.
SXM Highlights: How Is Melky Doing So Well?
46 days ago
Jeff and Liss discuss Melky Cabrera's hot start to the 2019 season.
SXM Highlights: Can Domingo German Keep This Up?
49 days ago
Paul Sporer joins Liss and Jeff to discuss Domingo German's hot start. Can he keep it up?
SXM Highlights: Bellinger Is Off The Charts
53 days ago
Liss and Jeff try to put Cody Bellinger's hot start in perspective. He's off the charts.
SXM Highlights: What's Wrong With Noah Syndergaard?
54 days ago
Liss & Jeff debate what is wrong with Noah Syndergaard, whose ERA now sits at a scary 6.35.
SXM Highlights: Ranking The Rookie WRs
55 days ago
Liss and Jeff talk about the crowded the rookie WR field, with plenty of top options for ranking receivers for keeper league drafts.
SXM Highlights: Liss Defends Daniel Jones Pick, Sort Of
56 days ago
Liss explains to Jeff why the Giants' Daniel Jones pick at number six might be valid. Jeff thinks he's rationalizing.
SXM Highlights: Fantasy Expectations For Kyle Murray
60 days ago
Heading into tonight's NFL Draft Day 1, Mario joins Liss and Jeff to discuss Kyler Murray's fantasy forecast for the 2019 season.
SXM Highlights: Is Russell Westbrook Overrated?
61 days ago
Nick joins Liss and Jeff to discuss the future of the OKC Thunder after yet again losing in the first round of the playoffs. Is Russell Westbrook overrated?
Rounding Third: Using RotoWire’s New Stats Tools
61 days ago
Jose Peraza's strikeout rate has skyrocketed, and he hasn't walked yet this season. Jeff Erickson shows how to find that and more on RotoWire's Plate Discipline Changes, one of the site's new features for 2019.