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SXM Highlights: Which Chiefs Do We Trust?
4 days ago
Liss and Jeff discuss who outside of Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce can be trusted for the Chiefs. Hear Liss' take on Sammy Watkins.
SXM Highlights: Russell Wilson Deserves More Love
6 days ago
Liss and Jeff re-rank the QB's and give Russell Wilson more love than he received in the preseason.
Weekly Rankings: Week 6 Value Meter
6 days ago
DeShaun Watson tops the quarterback ranks this week in a head-to-head matchup with Pat Mahomes.
SXM Highlights: Should You Drop O.J. Howard?
7 days ago
Liss and Jeff suggest dropping O.J. Howard, after expecting big things from him this Preseason.
Postseason Cheatsheet
Postseason Cheatsheet
11 days ago
11 days ago
Jeff Erickson's quick postseason ranks.
SXM Highlights: JuJu Expectations for Week 5
12 days ago
Liss and Jeff debate outcomes for JuJu Smith-Schuster in Week 5 at home versus the Ravens.
Weekly Rankings: Week 5 Value Meter
13 days ago
David Johnson has a sweet matchup against the Bengals - will his offensive line give him enough room to operate?
SXM Highlights: Minshew Magic Hard To Ignore
14 days ago
Liss can't resist Gardner Minshew's magic. D.J. Chark's presence helps provide reason to believe.
SXM Highlights: What's Derrick Henry's Week 4 Upside?
18 days ago
Liss and Jeff Derrick Henry's Week 4 fantasy value versus Atlanta. Can Henry become a competent receiver?
SXM Highlights: Stick With Baker Mayfield?
19 days ago
Liss vents over Baker Mayfield's poor early season start. Jeff says stick with him. Liss has doubts.
Weekly Rankings: Week 4 Value Meter
20 days ago
Cooper Kupp is coming off a huge game Sunday night and now gets to face a Bucs secondary torn apart by Daniel Jones last week.
SXM Highlights: Always Improve Your Bench
25 days ago
Liss and Jeff urge you to constantly upgrade your bench. If someone like Marlon Mack is showing injury potential, grab Jordan Wilkins.
SXM Highlights: What's The Fantasy Impact If Cam Newton Does Not Play?
26 days ago
Liss points out that Cam Newton has been horrible these first two weeks. Jeff chimes in with how he's ranking Carolina's weapons in Week 3.
SXM Highlights: Should We Play Every Chief?
27 days ago
Liss and Jeff discuss the utterly lethal Kansas City offense. Should you play guys like Mecole Hardman and Demarcus Robinson every week?
Weekly Rankings: Week 3 Value Meter
27 days ago
A receding tide can strand all boats, even one as powerful as Alvin Kamara - once Drew Brees got hurt, Kamara struggled. The same can apply to the top Steelers' and Panthers' players.
SXM Highlights: How Does Big Ben's Injury Impact His Teammates?
28 days ago
Liss and Jeff debate the impact of Ben Roethlisberger's absence on the fantasy value of his fellow Pittsburgh teammates. Big Ben is out for the season with an elbow injury.
SXM Highlights: Should We Be Worried About Freeman?
33 days ago
Liss says don't panic about Devonta Freeman. Jeff is concerned.
SXM Highlights: How Good is DeShaun Watson?
34 days ago
Liss and Jeff discuss the calm poise of Deshaun Watson versus the Saints on Monday Night.
Weekly Rankings: Week 2 Value Meter
34 days ago
Sammy Watkins is in line for a lot of work while Tyreek Hill is out. How high does he rate on this week's Value Meter?
SXM Highlights: Week 1 Surprises
35 days ago
Liss and Chris review their big surprises from Week 1 (prior to the two Monday night games). Jeff can't believe how well John Ross and his Bengals played.
SXM Highlights: Rams at Panthers Preview
39 days ago
Liss and Jeff preview the Rams at Panthers Week 1 matchup. Liss is feeling excited about Cam Newton in 2019.
SXM Highlights: Why You Should Be Concerned About Drew Brees
40 days ago
Liss and Jeff explain why they are very concerned about Saints QB Drew Brees.
Weekly Rankings: Week 1 Value Meter
41 days ago
Chris Carson has a great home matchup this week against the Bengals. Check out all of Jeff Erickson's weekly rankings.
SXM Highlights: Expectations For Injured A.J. Green
47 days ago
ESPN's Stephania Bell joins Liss & Jeff to discuss concerns over A.J. Green's injured ankles.
SXM Highlights: Has The Nick Chubb Hype Gone Too Far?
48 days ago
Liss is concerned that the Nick Chubb hype has gone too far, with some folks ranking Chubb RB4.
SXM Highlights: What's Duke Johnson's Updated Value?
49 days ago
With Lamar Miller out for the season, what is the updated value for Duke Johnson, the presumed new starting RB in Houston?
SXM Highlights: Is Kerryon Johnson A Three Down Back?
54 days ago
Liss shares with Jeff his concern that in pre-season games, the Lions are pulling Kerryon Johnson on third down passing situations.
SXM Highlights: Is David Njoku a Good Value?
56 days ago
Mario believes Cleveland TE David Njoku is a great bargain in the 9th round. He explains his thinking to Jeff.
SXM Highlights: Is David Johnson Worthy of Number 5 Pick?
60 days ago
Liss and Jeff throw some shade David Johnson's way. There is a high ceiling, but also a pretty low floor.
SXM Highlights: How Good Can O.J. Howard Be In 2019?
61 days ago
Liss explains to Jeff why he sees big upside for O.J. Howard for 2019.